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“At Horizon Makers, it’s all about reaching beyond the horizons and building your dream homes where you‘ll indeed love to live.”
Sam Sharifi
25Years Experience Working

At Horizon Makers we take pride in doing exactly that; we build homes that invoke a sense of belonging, a home where your hearts will always reside no matter where you are. For us, building is beyond the construction and bricks. it is growing a family, it is children, it is bonding together.

Horizon Makers is a privately owned property development company offering House and Land Packages in Canberra’s most upcoming sought after suburbs. With over 20 years of experience in building homes, our team of finest architects, interior designers, engineers and builders are dedicated to give you the best in bespoke homes and sustainable living- embracing the changing times and acknowledging the environmental depredation, all Horizon Makers properties are built to be sustainable and energy efficient, making our homes a unique blend of unrivalled luxury and sustainable living. With our deep understanding of global and Australian market, we bring innovation and in-trend elements in our designs and build, giving us an edge over our contemporaries.

Building a home can be the most important and exciting experience of your life. We like to keep it that way by ensuring our handpicked team delivers your dream on time and within your budget. The look of awe on your face when you first see your completed home, the excitement when you explore it and the satisfaction of realising your vision has come into reality, is why we build homes.

Our Team

Meet the people behind our success

Robert Anderson

Founder Of Artex

Eleonora Clark

Head Of Idea

Harrison Harvey

Senior Planner

Pablo Gusterio

Senior Interior

Nathan Fletcher

Project Manager

Maddison Holmes

Planning Manager

Client Testimonials

Sharole and Ken from Canberra

Building with Horizon Makers has been a great experience. Horizon dedication to build our home was great. Their attention to detail was impressive and the trades working for them very professional. We had a great experience with Horizon Makers.

Suraj and Nova from Canberra

Horizon Makers dedication to build a fine home is wonderful. They are always on top of everything. We were very impressed with Sam’s attention to detail and also how quickly the few issues presented were resolved.